10 Best Live TV Streaming Sites That Offer Free Services!

Have you heard of the quote, seek and you shall find? Well true! If you are constantly searching for free Live TV streaming sites that require no registration, then you found what you are looking for. Because this article is all about them,

The Live TV streaming websites are best known for showcasing television channels and series across diversified genres in the comfort of your home. This content can be streamed on any Android and iOS devices or any web browser. 

Some of the genres include sports, news, entertainment, religion, PPV events, kids’ shows, and other international programs. Therefore, if you are quite curious to scroll down to find the list, I would say, patience.

Best Free Live TV Streaming Sites (Video Guide)

Well, I hope you got a clear idea of the different streaming sites available along with their channel list from the video above.

And seeing that if you are ready to go ahead with any of the sites, do not worry about the compatibility as most cord-cutters let you access these sites on phones, tablets, Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV, IPTV Boxes, Computers, and Android devices.

Plus, please ensure that the list below contains only the legal ones and we won’t link to any alternative or unverified streaming platforms. So, shall we start?

Top & Free No Sign-up Live TV Streaming Sites!

With our curated list of top and free live TV streaming sites, you can experience a hassle-free and endless entertainment joy without any registration. And the list starts with,

1.Pluto TV


Pluto TV has emerged as a primary driver behind the migration of millions of viewers worldwide from traditional TV viewing to 24/7 free online streaming services.

To meet the needs of 1.8 million viewers each month, Pluto TV offers a plethora of renowned channels, including NASA TV, CNET, FOX Sports, NBC News, Impact Wrestling, and golf stations.

2.The TV App


Are you growing tired of your go-to TV streaming websites? Don’t worry, though, since The TV App is among the newest live-streaming services to satisfy your appetite for a variety of show genres. Moreover, they offer more than 100 live channels without commercials or breaks.

Additionally, you can directly stream from their webpage without any login or subscription. Due to their new arrival, only 10K monthly users are currently enjoying their flawless playback.



DaddyHD is a fantastic newcomer to the live TV streaming space and a strong contender to replace USTVGO. With over 100 channels covering a wide range of programs, including films, games, live performances, news, and entertainment, they have captured the hearts of nearly 20,000 monthly customers.

Furthermore, several users have begun to discuss and spread the word about this website.



Every month, around 28,000 users stream the various live channels of the OKLiveTV portal on their devices. The best thing about this website is that there are no restrictions on device compatibility or free shows.

Additionally, a variety of international show categories from Asia, Europe, North America, Africa, and other regions are included in their channel lists. These categories feature radio, music, news, entertainment, adult programming, adult entertainment, and much more.

5.Airy TV


From thousands of on-demand videos to live-streaming shows, Airy TV is your one-stop shop for everything. They provide a wide variety of genres to pick from, including TV series, sports, classic TV, music, thrillers, special channels, and more. 

So far, this platform has 29,000 monthly viewers who are either watching on their websites or on their app, which can be easily downloaded from any app store.



Every month, 210,000 individuals worldwide stream TV247’s lineup of shows, news, kids’ programming, entertainment, and more.

Since these sites can be seen on any device using any browser, they can be your best alternative when it comes to live streaming. Not only that but with their anytime, anywhere connection without registration feature, they have been a cord-cutting favorite for numerous years.

7.Squid TV

Squid TV offers a diverse range of content streams, encompassing News similar to that of CNN, Religion, International, Entertainment, and many other categories, as a substitute for conventional TV broadcasts. This website attracts 130,000 visitors every month due to its distinctive services.

Users of Amazon Fire Sticks and other streaming devices can continue to stream live channels by logging into TV-optimized web browsers such as Puffin TV, Silk Browser, and others.


With hundreds of live channels, Ustream is another one of the greatest streaming websites.

For its numerous programs like news, movies, entertainment, sports, etc., this site receives thousands of visits each month—nearly 215,000 visitors in total.


We are familiar with Plex from its moniker as the Plex media server, which is linked to its capabilities of storing media and streaming audio, and images anywhere at any time. Nonetheless, with the addition of a live TV category on its app, this behemoth has lately unveiled its streaming capabilities.

The cherry on top is that you can stream over 85 channel lineups of different genres for free on any device with Plex Live TV. Despite its recent introduction, it has already attracted about 210,000 monthly viewers.


Time4TV, true to its name, provides a wide selection of live-streaming channels for entertaining its 5200 monthly subscribers.

They are well-known for their streaming offerings in the news, sports, entertainment, UK, US, and numerous more categories.


A different alternative to IPTV services is FreeInterTV, which offers hundreds of channels for free streaming. They, like some of the greatest IPTV services, are compatible with any device.

With the assistance of this online streaming website, almost 32,000 customers each month find it simple to watch their preferred news and entertainment shows.

It’s A Closure!

Here we are at the end of the blog post and we hope we gave you a fair insight into the list of streaming websites that are offering free Live TV channels.

Plus, we assure you that the list is purely legal and we hold no data that disturbs the legality.

In case we missed adding a provider or you wish to add a few names to our list, please write to us at itwebfirms (at) gmail (dot) com and you can see the update in less than 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are some of the best & free live TV streaming sites?

Some of the best streaming sites that offer free live TV services include TV247, Plex, OKLiveTV, DaddyHD, Airy TV, Pluto TV, and a few others.

  1. Which streaming sites require no signup?

Airy TV, Pluto TV, and Plex are a few streaming sites that do not require any sign-up to create an account.

  1. Are all the streaming websites legal?

The list that we have included in the blog post above is all legal. However, an IPTV wire cannot determine whether a streaming website holds proper licensing or is known to be unverified.

But in case we find out about the illegality of a site, we instantly notify the user of the same and update this particular information on our research too.

Thus, it is the sole responsibility of the end-user to take measures to check on the licensing of apps and sites. 

  1. Are these streaming sites safe to use?

Yes, all the streaming websites that we have mentioned above are safe to use as they are deemed to not hamper the legality. 

However, we suggest you use a VPN so that no one knows who is operating the site in case of an unverified platform. Surprisingly, by using VirusTotal software, we could identify plenty of malware embedded in some of the streaming platforms used to stream live TV channels.

  1. Are free streaming websites reliable to use?

Well, not all stand to be a reliable option to use as quite often content is streamed in SD quality with ads in between which may turn out to be annoying during buffering.

Hence, as a reliable option, it is always great to use an IPTV service that is known for a buffer-free, quality-filled, bulk repository, and exquisite features. 

  1. Are these streaming websites compatible with all devices?

Yes, until you have a good internet connection, you may find these streaming websites to work on all devices, including Fire TVs, Android devices, Computers, tablets, iPhones, Amazon Fire sticks, and more.

  1. Is it possible to view streaming sites from anywhere across the world?

Though many websites speak of streaming content anywhere in the world, some pose geographic restrictions due to copyright issues. 

In such a case, VPNs come of great help as they bypass these restrictions without proving to violate any laws or rights.

  1. Are there any risks in using free streaming sites?

Yes, there may arise certain risks like streaming illegal content, malware or other security threats, and personal data breaches. Hence, it is always an ideal option to use an antivirus for your system and stick to browsing safer websites. 

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